Chargers fans should be stoked about these 3 extremely positive signs

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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2. The Chargers running back room looks much improved

The Chargers had a serious lack of running back depth last season and it forced the team to use Austin Ekeler more than it was probably comfortable with. Brandon Staley's entire M-O with Ekeler is to limit his workload throughout the season so the team can gear him up when it really matters late in the season and in the playoffs.

That was not possible last season when Justin Jackson was the only reliable option in the running back room and he was often hurt. This season it is different, though, as there is a lot more talent in that room.

The overall numbers may not look all that impressive, especially after the Chargers got way too cautious in Week 1, but the talent difference is obvious and will continue to show itself throughout the 2022 season.

Sony Michel has been a solid addition that is a good short-yardage back that can run between the tackles. The team does need to utilize him better as he does not have the athleticism to bounce to the outside and run outside the tackles, but the value is there as a short-yardage back.

The big surprise this year is Joshua Kelley, who has looked like the best depth running back on the team through two weeks. Kelley is a new runner and has already made several plays where he has fought for contact and picked up extra yards that he definitely would not have picked up last year.

And all this is without Isaiah Spiller making his NFL debut yet. Spiller was expected to be the bonafide RB2 this upcoming season but with Michel and Kelley, it might be a slow rookie season for Spiller.