Chargers fans will be reminded of another sad coaching reality vs Dolphins

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest storyline surrounding the LA Chargers right now is Brandon Staley and his coaching staff. While injuries certainly have not made their job easy this season, the team underperforming with such a talented roster has still put them all in the spotlight.

A lot of fans want to see Staley get let go after the season to bring in Sean Payton. With how the Chargers operate, that likely won't happen. At the very least, the Chargers should be considering coordinator changes in the offseason, especially if the team misses the playoffs this season.

Offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi has (rightfully) received a lot of criticism this season and if the team were to move on from him they would certainly look to bring someone else in. Shane Day seems to be a good quarterbacks coach but this offense needs a fresh mind.

It is a shame, really, as the Chargers had a potential gem on the coaching staff in 2021 that might have been able to step up into the role of offensive coordinator. However, he was hired over by Mike McDaniels to be the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator — a fact that Chargers fans are reminded of this weekend when the Bolts host the Dolphins.

Frank Smith was a key loss in this Chargers coaching staff.

Frank Smith was the run game coordinator/offensive line coach for the LA Chargers last season and was credited with a lot of the success of the offensive line. Not just in his blocking schemes and principles, but in helping develop young talent to who they are today.

Granted, injuries have hampered the offensive line this season so it is not a fair comparison but last year's group was probably the best offensive line the Chargers have had in a decade. Smith played a big role in that and also played a big role in getting quality blocking from the tight ends, which has not been the case this season.

Tre' McKitty went from a promising rookie that was an important blocker in the team's scheme down the stretch to someone who has turned in bad rep after bad rep. If Smith was still in town perhaps that would not be the case.

The run game has also absolutely plummeted and that has definitely had an impact on the offense as a whole. The Chargers are the worst running team in the entire league this season, which is a big change from last year. The 2022 Chargers are averaging 3.7 yards per carry (30th) while the 2021 Chargers averaged 4.3 yards per carry (17th). It may not seem like much but that is a massive difference.

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The Dolphins' offense has also been humming this season. Granted, McDaniel is the main mastermind behind the offense but Smith certainly still plays a role in the team's success. When he returns to Los Angeles in Week 14, he is going to see an offense that looks far worse than he left it.