3 reasons Chargers fans should love Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator

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3. The slight similarities to Joe Lombardi's offense is a good thing for the Chargers

Joe Lombardi and Kellen Moore do not call the exact same offense. If anything, Moore is a lot more versatile in what he calls as the Cowboys never truly leaned into one offensive style while he was the team's offensive coordinator.

But the barebones of the two offenses are at least somewhat similar and there is good and bad that come with it. Assuming that Moore is just going to copy and paste what he did in Dallas and do it with the Chargers is a bit silly, as hopefully he and the Chargers coaching staff can limit some of the bad similarities with Lombardi.

There were parts of Lombardi's offense that worked, which is why the team was a top-five offense in 2021. However, his inability to adjust and lean into the things that were working at the time is what ultimately did him in.

Moore can take some of those successful barebones and expand on them. This is important for Justin Herbert and the offense, which is now welcoming its third offensive coordinator in four years. You don't want Herbert having to learn a completely new offense in his fourth year in the league. Having some similarities is a good thing.

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Whether or not Moore will be successful will be based on how he takes this foundation and builds upon it and with Dallas' offensive success as of late, Chargers fans should be optimistic that he can indeed do that.