3 reasons Chargers fans should love Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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2. Kellen Moore has piloted a top offense several times

There are some similarities between Kellen Moore and Joe Lombardi that fans might worry about (one of which we will break down as the final reason to love this hire). One similarity is that the fact that Lombardi also had experience as a play-caller before coming to the Chargers.

This might seem like a safe hire by the Chargers to some. Instead of poaching a bright young offensive mind, the Bolts went with the bigger name that has prior experience like they did with Lombardi. While those concerns are justified with how bad the offense looked last season, this is a completely different situation.

Lombardi stunk up the joint when he was the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. The offense took a dip and there were plenty of upset Lions fans that should have warned us. If there are upset Cowboys fans (there always are) then it is not justified as Moore certainly did his job.

Moore has piloted the Cowboys to have a top offense in the league several times, including being the no. 1 offense in the sport in 2021. Sure, the team has a solid offensive line and good weapons, but it also has a quarterback who is a slightly better version of Kirk Cousins. Justin Herbert is elite.

Plus, it is not like the Chargers don't have similar weapons on offense. They have two top receivers (when healthy), an above-average offensive line (when healthy) and the biggest endzone finder in the league. The talent is close enough and the improvement from Dak to Herbert pushes the Bolts over the edge.

Heck, Moore piloted Cooper Rush of all people to play solid football this past season. That right there should have shown his value. Think Lombardi ever would have done that with Chase Daniel?