Chargers fans can kiss this potential trade target goodbye after Week 6

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers are coming off of one of the most aggressive offseasons in franchise history and that aggressiveness could very well continue into the 2022 season. While Tom Telesco has not been known for making trades during the season, it certainly should not be ruled out during the 2022 campaign.

With the Chargers dealing with a long list of injuries and some NFL teams already reaching the basement, potential trade targets have already emerged. One team, in particular, that the Chargers could do business with is the Carolina Panthers, who fired Matt Rhule after Week 5.

With the Chargers lacking speed at receiver after Jalen Guyton's injury, one potential trade target for the Bolts was Robbie Anderson. Anderson's sub-4.4 40-yard dash would be groundbreaking for this offense and in theory, he could be a better version of Guyton that also makes up for Josh Palmer's disappointing sophomore season.

All that being said, Anderson essentially erased himself off of the Chargers' board in Week 6 and it had nothing to do with his play. Anderson was kicked out of the game by interim head coach Steve Wilks, essentially guaranteeing that this is his last game in Carolina.

Why the Chargers definitely won't trade for Robbie Anderson after Week 6:

Some may say that this makes a trade more likely for the Chargers as the Panthers are going to be in a rush to trade Anderson away. Plus, this also likely lowers his trade value, so the Bolts could likely get a deal done for a fifth-round pick at the absolute most.

While that seems appealing, these actions will turn away Tom Telesco and the Chargers. Telesco and the Chargers have really valued bringing in players with high character that can be part of something bigger on the team.

Telesco has never been the type to bring in a controversial personality that can be a distraction of any kind. Heck, Telesco has traded away these players before as that is what he did with Desmond King in 2020 once that situation got tumultuous.

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On paper, Anderson still makes a lot of sense for the Chargers and undoubtedly would add a new dynamic to this offense. But in the grand scheme of things, the Chargers likely won't be willing to bring in someone who just got kicked out of the game by his own coaching staff — let alone trade draft capital for him.