Chargers fans will get a kick out of latest NFL rumors surrounding Raiders

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The LA Chargers have had a solid offseason thus far in bringing back prominent players from last season with newfound cap space thanks to bold contract restructures. It might not be the flashy offseason from last year but it has still been solid nonetheless.

That can be said for the rest of the AFC West as well. While there have been moves, there have not been anywhere close to the high-profile moves in the division that there was last spring. Out of the four teams, the Las Vegas Raiders have probably made the most noise with their offseason decisions.

And there is potential for Vegas to make even more noise. New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has found himself as the subject of recent NFL rumors with Bill Belichick reportedly shopping him this offseason. According to Pro Football Talks' Mike Florio, the Raiders are one of the teams that have shown interest.

"The teams mentioned as potential destinations were the Raiders, Texans, Buccaneers, and Commanders [...] The Raiders are the ones to keep watching. Jimmy Garoppolo‘s contract lands in the low-end of middle class for starters, and Jones has two years left under a slotted rookie deal, before his fifth-year option would apply."

Raiders already don't seem like they love Jimmy Garoppolo and Chargers fans should love that.

Jimmy Garoppolo has not even been a member of the Las Vegas Raiders for a month and there are already NFL rumors surrounding who the team might bring in to start over him. To be fair, we did make fun of the Raiders when they signed Jimmy G as he is a worse version of Derek Carr, so it makes sense that the Raiders would want to bring another quarterback to town.

Mac Jones is not someone who the Chargers would have to fear. While he was decent in his rookie season he took a huge step back in year two. Granted, he did not have the offensive play-calling of Josh McDaniels but he also didn't do anything to elevate those around him.

Once again, this would be another example of the Raiders going after one of the mid-tier quarterbacks. That is what Derek Carr is, what Jimmy G is and what Jones is. The only difference here is Jones is younger and cheaper.

It would be much better for Vegas to just draft their own quarterback this offseason so Chargers fans should root for the contrary. Chargers fans should be rooting for the Raiders to trade actual draft capital so they can bring another mid-tier quarterback to town.

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It really seems like the Raiders had big plans for the quarterback position this offseason after parting ways with Derek Carr. Maybe the big plan was for Tom Brady to come to Vegas but he retired instead. Now, the team is left scrounging for the mediocre QBs that McDaniels coached in New England.