Chargers fans should get a kick out of Raiders' decision with Derek Carr

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers / Gaelen Morse/GettyImages

The AFC West looked like one of the best divisions in recent NFL history heading into the 2022 season. While the Kansas City Chiefs stayed great and the LA Chargers overcame injuries to clinch a playoff spot, the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders could not hold up their end of the bargain. Vegas has been a mediocre football team this season while Denver has been downright bad.

Chargers fans have gotten a great laugh out of both the Broncos and Raiders this season. Russell Wilson proved that he still cannot cook while the Raiders proved that Derek Carr is simply not on the same level as other great quarterbacks and that last season was a fluke.

Raiders fans swore by Carr before the season, so much so that they were on the comments here on Bolt Beat comparing him to Justin Herbert. Every Chargers fans knew that was absurd and this season proved that.

Now, while Herbert is looking to improve his playoff seeding in the final two weeks, Carr is going to be sitting on the bench and watching his team play. The Las Vegas Raiders have officially shut Carr down as the team now has a 0% chance of making the playoffs.

Chargers fans get the last laugh over Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Heading into the season, Raiders fans swore up and down that they were going to have one of the most explosive offenses in the league and that the Chargers should be scared of it. That obviously is not what happened as the offense was mediocre at best and Carr was not very good at all.

Carr will finish the 2022 season with 24 touchdowns, 14 interceptions (which leads the league heading into Week 17), a 60.8% completion rate and an average of 234.8 yards per game. His yards per game and completion percentage are the worst since his rookie season. His interception rate is the worst of his career.

How about that dynamic Raiders offense, eh? Vegas averages 23.2 points per game this season, good for 12th in the NFL. That certainly is not a bad offense, but you would have sworn that this team would be a top-five scoring team in football with how Raiders fans hyped them up before the year.

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Carr was supposed to be the guy for the Raiders and now it is not even a guarantee that he will be on the team next season. This should be a cautious tale for Raiders fans the next time they want to compare someone to Justin Herbert.