Chargers fans will get chills from Khalil Mack's press conference

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Khalil Mack is the biggest name that the LA Chargers brought in during a wild offseason. While J.C. Jackson might be the better player at this point in their careers, the Mack trade helped set the tone for the rest of the Chargers' offseason.

Mack might not be the prime version of himself anymore but even someone who is 85% of what he was five years ago is still very daunting for NFL offensive lines. Paired alongside Joey Bosa, the sky truly is the limit for this Chargers pass rush, which is going to be huge for the success of the team.

What is even scarier for other NFL teams is the fact that we might not get an 85% version of prime Mack. We very well could see something much closer. The former All-Pro edge rusher is extremely motivated in his first season with the Chargers and it is clear that he is playing with a chip on his shoulder.

His press conference during day 1 of Chargers training camp proved just that and is going to make Chargers fans want to run through a brick wall with him.

Ladies and gentlemen, Khalil Mack has arrived for the LA Chargers.

NFL players always have that extra motivation when they are traded from one team to another, especially a player in Mack's situation. While Mack is obviously no longer a spring chicken, he is not at the tail end of his career yet and a lot of outlets have seemingly written him off like he is.

Adding to that motivation is the fact that this is probably the most talented team that Mack has ever been a part of. Mack is not a complete stranger when it comes to the playoffs but he has not had a lot of playoff success. He has made the playoffs three times, once with the Raiders and twice with the Bears, and has not won a single playoff game.

Talk about being hungry, Mack (as well as several prominent Chargers players) have to be absolutely starving for some playoff success. The only player on the Chargers' roster to make the playoffs more than once with the Bolts is Keenan Allen.

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Sprinkle in the fact that Mack gets to kickstart his first season with the Chargers against the team that initially traded him and all signs are pointing towards a big bounce-back year for the former All-Pro.