Chargers fans hilariously get duped by Justin Herbert "lookalike"

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The LA Chargers struck gold when they drafted Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Miami gracefully took Tua Tagovailoa one pick before the Chargers, allowing the Bolts to land their next franchise quarterback.

Many football fans go through generations without having an elite quarterback and Chargers fans have been blessed with two in a row. After a decade and a half of greatness from Philip Rivers, the Chargers managed to draft a top-five quarterback in the league the same offseason that Rivers left. Only one start separated Rivers and Herbert.

Herbert is the engine that powers this ship and the Chargers only have the status they have because they have Herbert under center. That undeniably makes him the most popular player on the Chargers, even if he does not express himself as much as Rivers used to.

Despite being the most popular, some Chargers fans still don't have the greatest idea of what Herbert actually looks like. Two (presumed) Chargers fans were recently duped in Arizona by a Justin Herbert "lookalike" (who actually looks nothing like Herbert at all.

Justin Herbert "lookalike" dupes Chargers fans.

With all due respect to these lovely Chargers fans, there is so much wrong about this Herbert "lookalike" that should have raised red flags immediately. Sure, he has the same hair color and the length is relatively similar, but that is where the similarities end.

Let's ignore the fact that he fundamentally doesn't even look like Herbert (but hey, football is played with a helmet on, I get it). His height and body type should have been an instant giveaway. Herbert is six-foot-six and is pretty shredded, all things considered.

It is unclear how tall this gentleman is but one thing is for certain: he is not six-foot-six. And while he looks to have an athletic build, he certainly does not have the NFL quarterback frame that Justin Herbert has.

This picture leaves us with so many questions, though. The caption says that this fake Justin Herbert was with several other Chargers Pro Bowlers. Who were these other "Pro Bowlers"? Was it more athletic-looking people who the fans assumed were Chargers? Or was this a giant ruse by this guy and his buddies to trick two unsuspecting fans who actually thought he was Justin Herbert?

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Regardless, much like Kylie Bunbury's character in 'Game Night', these fans will have a story to tell about an encounter with a famous person. But just like in the movie, their friends will be quick to tell them that this isn't actually Justin Herbert, just like Bunbury's character didn't actually go to the club with Denzel Washington.