Chargers fans aren't happy with Austin Ekeler's tone-deaf tweet

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Austin Ekeler shockingly requested a trade (and was granted permission) from the LA Chargers this offseason as the two sides could not make progress on a new extension. Ekeler, who is entering his last year under contract, wanted a new deal that would pay him market value after 2023.

Ekeler has made under market value on his current deal as the Chargers were ahead of the curve and signed the running back to a deal before they had to. With Ekeler leading the entire league in touchdowns over the last two years, the running back rightfully wants a pay raise.

The problem for Ekeler that he miscalculated is that the running back market is not great and that might kill the notion of a trade before it can even get off the ground. If Ekeler does return to the Bolts it will be awkward for the fanbase, as fans have already started to turn sour on the running back.

It started during Super Bowl week when Skip Bayless was digging into Justin Herbert on an episode of 'Undisputed' and Ekeler did not defend his quarterback. Ekeler is not making it much better after this trade request, either, as he posted a rather tone-deaf tweet on Sunday that fans were not very happy with.

Austin Ekeler's focus on fantasy football is upsetting for Chargers fans.

This has been one of the main criticisms thrown Austin Ekeler's way during this entire situation. He is one of the most prominent current players, if not the most prominent, in the fantasy football space and so happens to be the top fantasy running back in the sport.

That is all great but fantasy football points do not equate to winning football games. While Ekeler undoubtedly produced a lot in the Chargers' wins, he also struggled to run between the tackles in the team's playoff loss to Jacksonville and that was a big reason for the loss.

But when Ekeler so openly cares about being a good fantasy running back it makes things like that look worse. Zero second-half rushing yards in the AFC Wild Card Round? Why does that matter when Ekeler put up 18.3 fantasy points, right?

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Ekeler is undoubtedly talented and has done a lot for this team not only on the field but off the field as well. But he still is not doing himself any favors with the fanbase by failing to read the room on social media.