Chargers fans are dreaming of Stefon Diggs joining LA after latest IG comment

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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The LA Chargers put together a solid offseason that did not include the wholesale changes that fans saw during the 2021 offseason. Los Angeles did not bring in any new big names to the roster but the team was able to retain the most important parts of last season's core while making upgrades in the necessary areas.

Training camp has not yet begun and there is still a chance for the Chargers to add a big name to the roster. Both Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook are on the free-agent market and while the team ironed out the issues with Austin Ekeler, the depth behind him is suspect and could use a veteran if the price is right.

Then there is DeAndre Hopkins, who was released by the Arizona Cardinals and could still provide a spark to any offense. However, the Chargers have not been one of the early favorites to bring Hopkins in.

Hopkins might not be in the cards this offseason but that has not stopped Chargers fans from dreaming about other big-name receivers joining the team in the future. The latest victim of these pipe dreams is none other than Stefon Diggs. With one simple compliment of Justin Herbert, Diggs caused Chargers fans to start dreaming about him being in the powder blue in the future.

Chargers fans' Stefon Diggs dreams are a bit delusional.

Look, never say never in professional sports and there is not a zero percent chance that Diggs could be a Charger in the future. But just because he threw a very simple compliment toward Herbert does not mean that he is destined to come to LA to catch passes from him.

After all, it is really hard to not compliment Herbert after what he has done thus far. It is not like Diggs is going out of his way to compliment a mediocre quarterback like Davante Adams used to always do with Derek Carr. This is simply calling it how it is.

For the dreamers out there that think there is more to this than meets the eye, it is important to note that the earliest Diggs could actually become a free agent would be after the 2024 season. And if that happens, it would happen because he wouldn't be worth the cost for the Buffalo Bills and they would cut ties with him.

So sure, maybe Diggs could be the new DeAndre Hopkins in two years and at that point, the Chargers may have space in the wide receiver room for him. But just because he complimented Herbert does not mean it is going to happen. Sorry to crush any dreams.

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