Chargers fans are devastated after Justin Herbert unveils shocking haircut

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Justin Herbert has not suited up for the LA Chargers since Week 14 when he fractured the index on his throwing finger against the Denver Broncos. With nothing to play for, the Chargers decided to shut Herbert down and allow him to get surgery.

Even when Herbert is not on the field playing he is still the primary focus for the Chargers fanbase. After all, Herbert is the entire heartbeat of this franchise and if the team ever wins a Super Bowl it will be because of him.

Knowing that all eyes would be on him on Sunday, Herbert decided to debut a new look that shocked a lot of fans. Long gone are Herbert's locks as he is bringing back the short hair look that he had during his rookie season.

Justin Herbert breaks Chargers fans' hearts with new haircut

Look, there is not much for Chargers fans to cheer for right now. It might sound silly for the fanbase to get worked up over a haircut but there are literally no other stakes on Sunday. The Chargers are playing one of the most pointless games imaginable with many starters out against a Chiefs team that is resting starters ahead of the playoffs.

Fans don't want to focus on the really bad brand of football that is being played on the field. They want to focus on Justin Herbert, who is bringing back a look that many fans hoped would never return.

Herbert had his locks coming into the league and it was being a staple of his image as a quarterback. Then, halfway through his rookie season, Herbert let then-strength coach John Lott cut his hair. With all due respect to all of the kitchen haircuts during the pandemic, Herbert's haircut looked like one that this writer got in the summer of 2020.

This look isn't quite as bad. It is clear that Herbert actually went to a hairstylist and didn't have one of his coaches simply buzz his head nearly bald. But to many, it is still a worse look than his long hair, which typically flows out of his helmet while he is making highlight-reel throws.

Maybe this can be a good omen. The Chargers are very much entering a new era and need a fresh start. Herbert's haircut could just be a metaphor for that fresh start.

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