Chargers should explore a trade for this 24-year-old tackle

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The one position of need that the LA Chargers did not address this offseason was right tackle. It became clear that the Bolts had faith in either Trey Pipkins or Storm Norton stepping up, and with the market being so thin and over-priced in free agency, it made sense.

While the initial reports about Pipkins and Norton coming out of training camp are promising, the depth of the tackle position is still a concern. If these two do not pan out then right tackle is going to be another hole for the Bolts. Plus, the depth behind the starters is really bad at tackle.

It is not a massive pressing need but if the Chargers can get better somehow then they absolutely should be looking to do so. Luckily for LA, there is a cheap potential trade target for the team to consider that could help add depth and perhaps even a starting option at right tackle.

The LA Chargers should explore a trade for Teven Jenkins.

Teven Jenkins was selected by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and it appears that he could potentially already play for a new team this early in his NFL career as the Bears are listening to phone calls for the tackle.

Jenkins did not play very well in his rookie season and only played 160 snaps. With the Bears having a new regime and new options to play at tackle, Chicago very well could move on from Jenkins for future draft capital.

It all depends on the price but the Chargers should be one of the teams that is calling the Bears to see what the potential price could be. If all it takes is a seventh-round pick then Tom Telesco should do it before he hangs up the phone. If the price is a sixth-round pick the Chargers should still consider it.

Jenkins has a lot of potential as he had some really good tape coming into the league. Sure, it did not look good in his rookie season but the Bears were also a dumpster fire as a whole. Put him in a better situation with better teammates and better coaching and that potential could blossom.

At the very least he is a young depth option for the team that they can continue to develop. Both Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton are free agents after this year and having a young, controllable asset like Jenkins (with elite potential) would help bridge that gap.

If Jenkins shows out in LA that also allows the Chargers to pursue a different area of need early in the 2023 NFL Draft instead of using a top-three pick on a right tackle. That can make the team better as a whole.

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Again, it all depends on the price but because of the potential, cheap contract and his age, Teven Jenkins definitely is someone that should be on the Bolts' radar.