Chargers end 2024 NFL Draft with bang by tripling down at WR with Cornelius Johnson

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The LA Chargers did not take a wide receiver in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft and to make up for it the team decided to triple-down on the position. After taking Brenden Rice with the team's first pick in the seventh round, the Chargers took Cornelius Johnson with the team's last pick of the draft.

Some viewed Johnson as the more likely pick when the Chargers were on the clock the first time because of his ties to Jim Harbaugh but the Bolts stuck true to their best player available strategy by landing Rice.

That ended up paying off as the Chargers were able to draft Johnson anyway despite passing on him earlier in the seventh. This late in the draft, Johnson is essentially a priority undrafted free agent but is still does not change the fact that this was a smart selection.

Chargers draft grade for Cornelius Johnson: B+

Cornelius Johnson's athletic profile is very easy to fall in love with and he may make the back of the roster because of his blocking and special teams ability. Rice can probably make more of an impact as a receiver as a rookie but Johnson does the little things better than Rice does.

The Chargers need to supplement the wide receiver room with young talent and that is exactly what the team did in the seventh round. Granted, there are naturally limited ceilings in the seventh round but fans should be happy with the fact that the Bolts simply took the players who were the best on their board.

The Chargers could have taken another random seventh-round pick simply because it looked like a bigger position of need but that is not what LA did. The team took who it thought was the best player available and if there is anyone who knows what Johnson can bring to the table, it is Harbaugh.

Don't be surprised if Johnson ends up higher on the depth chart than Rice even though he was taken after him because of the other things he brings to the table. Also, don't be surprised if the Chargers still sign a veteran wide receiver. The Bolts currently have six receivers on the roster but there could be a path where either Johnson or Rice are practice squad players to start the season.

Either way, having too much talent at a position is a good thing and this is definitely the smartest way to use the last pick in the draft. It is a far better way than drafting Max Duggan simply to be a camp body, that is for sure.

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