Chargers' Easton Stick reveals how players truly feel about Jim Harbaugh

Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout / Harry How/GettyImages

Outside of the Chicago Bears drafting Caleb Williams, the LA Chargers hiring Jim Harbaugh was the biggest move of the NFL offseason. There is no other move in the sport (outside of drafting Williams) that will impact the future of a franchise more than Harbaugh will impact the future of the Chargers.

Fans are already seeing the impact Harbaugh is having on the team before a game is even played. Khalil Mack, who has played for many coaches and was extremely close with Brandon Staley, had nothing but great things to say about Harbaugh and how this coaching staff is vastly different from last year.

Joey Bosa, who did not have the best rapport with the fanbase at the end of the 2023 season, has completely changed his perception among fans as he is buying into winning under Harbaugh. Training camp has not even started and the culture in Los Angeles has already shifted.

This culture shift extends far past the superstars on the roster, too. Backup quarterback Easton Stick recently explained on the "Hot Mic with Dom Izzo" show how his desire to return to the Chargers kicked into overdrive once Harbaugh was hired as the team's head coach.

Easton Stick further cements Jim Harbaugh as a home run hire for Chargers

In the grand scheme of things, Stick re-signing with the Chargers is not going to impact the team much. This team goes as far as Justin Herbert will take it and Stick proved in his handful of starts last season that he has a lot of work to do as a backup quarterback.

Stick returning because of Harbaugh is not the reason why he is cementing the hire as a home run. It is the mindset behind Stick's decision. As soon as Harbaugh was hired the Chargers became a destination. Stick had someone who he desperately wanted to play for.

If Harbaugh is having that kind of impact on Stick then it is only going to spread across the rest of the league. Suddenly, the Chargers become a place where key players want to go to win; not a place where they cash out on a big payday only to flop as a signing.

This is the key culture component the Chargers have been missing for years. It is the trait that Bill Belichick had for so long with the New England Patriots, that Andy Reid currently has with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Harbaugh is a winner and despite all of his naysayers who point out his decade away from the league, it is clear he has won over the only opinions that matter: the players'. From the superstars to the backups, Harbaugh had already made his presence felt in Los Angeles.