3 Chargers who are due for a huge game against the Raiders in Week 4

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans
Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Asante Samuel Jr.

The Chargers secondary has struggled immensely this season and is the main reason why the defense has been so bad. The pass rush has been able to win when it matters and for the most part, the run defense has been fine. It is the lack of cohesion in the secondary that has really burned the Chargers.

It may not ever be totally fixed but the Bolts can definitely be better than what they have shown this season. The team needs one of these corners to step up and make a play like Alohi Gilman did in Week 3 and the most likely cornerback to do that is Asante Samuel Jr.

Samuel is going to have his fair share of tough matchups as he will either be lined up against Davante Adams or Jakobi Meyers. Expecting him to win every single time against a receiver of Adams' caliber is just setting yourself up to be disappointed.

That being said, Samuel is a ballhawk who is not afraid to make riskier attempts at the football in order to create turnovers. Sometimes it burns the Chargers and other times it can lead to a game-flipping turnover. This game feels like one where Zont will have a game-flipping turnover.

The Raiders lead the league in interceptions thrown this season. Whether it is Jimmy Garoppolo out there or a rookie in Aidan O'Connell, Samuel is primed to haul in his first interception of the year.