4 dream scenarios for the LA Chargers during the 2022 season

LA Chargers head coach Brandon Staley
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3. Justin Herbert coasts to an MVP trophy

There is no doubt that Justin Herbert is an MVP candidate in 2022. Heck, Justin Herbert put together MVP numbers last season and if the Chargers would have been on the winning end of a few of the close games then he very well could have won the award in his second season in the league.

While the Chargers certainly still had talent last season, there were still some fatal flaws that Justin Herbert elevated on his own. The right side of the offensive line was still a problem and Herbert had to lead the Chargers to be one of the best offenses in football just to be competitive. The defense was an issue and was banged up throughout the year.

A dream scenario for Charger fans in 2022 is that Justin Herbert doesn't just win the MVP award next season but he coasts to the award. There has been some kind of debate over the MVP in recent years and if everything goes as planned, Herbert could be a no-brainer.

If Herbert coasts to the MVP award that not only means that he had a great season but the Chargers did as well. The Chargers winning the AFC West would be the most impressive thing in the sport and if Herbert continues to get better then his stats next season are going to be mind-boggling.

The Bolts have not had an MVP since the 2006 season when LaDainian Tomlinson broke the total touchdowns record and won the award. LT is the only player in franchise history to take home the MVP award and hopefully, Herbert can change that.