4 dream scenarios for the LA Chargers during the 2022 season

LA Chargers head coach Brandon Staley
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2. Trey Pipkins proves his doubters wrong, turns into an average (or better) right tackle

Trey Pipkins looks to be in line to start at right tackle for the LA Chargers in 2022 and it is safe to say that most fans are not comfortable with that reality. Pipkins was selected in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft as a developmental tackle prospect and he really struggled early in his career.

Pipkins had some really bad moments in his rookie season and did not really do anything in 2020 or most of 2021 to change that perception. However, Pipkins did get one starting chance at right tackle in 2021 against the Denver Broncos and did not allow a single quarterback pressure.

The Chargers have also focused on rebuilding the offensive line and the right tackle position is the only area that has not been addressed over the last two years. With Storm Norton allowing the second-most pressures in the league last season (per Pro Football Focus), it seemed like a no-brainer that they would bring in help.

They didn't and the team is not even committing to moving Matt Feiler to tackle. This all shows that the team has faith in what they have at right tackle. After getting absolutely torched by Maxx Crosby in Week 18, Norton probably is not the one the team is having faith in. Pipkins is.

If Pipkins can prove his doubters wrong and just be an average right tackle next season then the Chargers are going to be in a beautiful position. If the worst part of the offensive line is an average player then that means Justin Herbert will have one of the best O-lines in the league.

This could hopefully lead to the next dream scenario for the Bolts in 2022.