Chargers' dream coordinators to surround Jim Harbaugh with

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Chargers dream offensive coordinator under Jim Harbaugh: Kellen Moore

This might come as a surprise and there are probably a contingent of Chargers fans who do not want to see Kellen Moore return. After all, the offense didn't really improve from the previous season as Moore did not live up to the hype around his name before the season.

That being said, there were some promising building blocks that Moore established. Not only that, but the offense was working very well when that side of the ball was healthy. The first three weeks of the season were very promising and then it all went into a tailspin without Mike Williams and Corey Linsley.

There are two reasons why the Chargers should keep Moore around even with Harbaugh. The first is simply to make life easier for Justin Herbert. Herbert has undergone so many play-caller changes dating back to his time with Oregon and if the Chargers can avoid that they should. He does not need to learn an entirely new offense again.

Additionally, there is not a standout candidate for Harbaugh that could come to the team. Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore feels like the favorite to replace Harbaugh as head coach if he leaves and there isn't anyone else that jumps off the page.

Look at it this way: if Moore was a free-agent coach then he would probably be very high up on Harbaugh's wish list to bring with him to the Chargers. With Moore already there, there is no reason to fire him simply to clean house with a new head coach.

The better long-term plan is to build on what Moore and Herbert started last season with Harbaugh's influence now in the mix. If that doesn't work in 2024 then the Chargers can explore different avenues.

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