Chargers' dream coordinators to surround Jim Harbaugh with

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Chargers dream defensive coordinator under Jim Harbaugh: Jesse Minter

One side of the ball that needs a drastic makeover is the defense. Brandon Staley made a mess of that side of the ball and the next head coach is going to have to create a new system that works as well as bring in players who actually make sense in said system.

Harbaugh likely won't have to look far to find the coach that can help him do that as Jesse Minter is the man for the job. Minter has been Harbaugh's defensive coordinator at Michigan and him coming along with Harbaugh might even be part of the requirement for Harbaugh to take the job.

NFL insider Albert Breer hinted that Minter coming with Harbaugh might be a non-negotiable and the Chargers should be okay with that. Sure, they would likely have to pay Minter a pretty salary as part of getting Harbaugh but it would be worth it.

This is not kind of some nepotism hire as Minter has been one of the very best defensive coordinators in the country with Michigan. The NFL game is different from college and some tweaks would be needed but it is clear that Minter can build and coach that side of the football.

Plus, it isn't like Minter has zero NFL experience. Prior to joining the Michigan coaching staff, he spent four years on John Harbaugh's staff in Baltimore. Minter started as a defensive assistant and worked his way up to be the defensive backs coach before he left.

In Minter's lone season as the DBs coach, the Ravens ranked sixth in passing yards allowed and fifth in passing touchdowns allowed. The following season they dropped to 32nd and 26th, respectively.