3 tight ends the LA Chargers could target in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Jake Ferguson, DeAndre Pierce
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2. Jake Ferguson

Jake Ferguson is not as dynamic of an athlete or as good of a pass-catcher as Likely is but he still has some potential to be a mid-round steal for whoever drafts him. This is the classic case of a talented player playing on a team that did not throw the ball much and did not have great quarterback play. In the Chargers' system, we could see Ferguson explode onto the scene.

Ferguson may not be as dynamic as Likely but he is a better blocker. He too is someone who can lineup in multiple different areas and did so for Wisconsin in his career. He has experience playing fullback for the Badgers and absolutely fit into that mold if the team wants to use Gabe Nabers' roster spot on someone else.

Ferguson would be an exact replacement for Stephen Anderson and he probably would not have as big of a role as a TE1 as Likely would. If the selection was Ferguson, we would see more of a rotation at tight end with nobody really standing out as the true TE1.

Ferguson would be able to produce in that rotation and at the very least would be a solid option in play-action and in the red zone. As someone who can play in a variety of different alignments, Joe Lombardi could have a lot of fun with Ferguson as it pertains to the team's RPO approach.

Ferguson ranks 120th on TDN, so in theory, he would be a fourth-round target for the LA Chargers. That makes him a more realistic pick than Likely.