Best third-round fits for the Chargers on day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft

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On Day 1, the Chargers set the tone for their draft by selecting TCU WR Quentin Johnson with the 21st pick. Now that wide receiver is off of the day two list of needs, attention likely turns to tight end, cornerback, EDGE, and potentially running back amongst other positions.

Tom Telesco tends to go more off the board on day two of the draft historically. Plus in rounds two and three, "reaches" are not as particularly egregious as round one.

Best third-round fits for the Chargers:

Michigan TE Luke Schoonmaker

Michael Mayer is still technically on the board, but my belief is that he ends up going within the first ten picks on day two. Maybe the Chargers want to trade up for him, but the concept of burning future capital isn't the best move in my mind.

Michigan's Luke Schoonmaker has Mayer-lite vibes in round three. He's a good inline blocker that Moore would love in 12 personnel. His red zone efficiency is solid, much like a Dalton Schultz in Dallas.

Schoonmaker is a solid route runner with 2.15 yards per route run, ranking as one of the better tight ends in that department of the class.