Chargers' draft target admits he prefers to play for another team

Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach
Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LA Chargers have the fifth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and there are various directions the team can take with the selection. If the Bolts stay at five then they will have their choice between several top-tier skill position players. Or, the Chargers could move back and look to get more draft capital in the process.

Whether the Chargers pick fifth overall or move down, one player that has been tied heavily to the team is Brock Bowers. The Georgia tight end is the best tight end prospect to come into the draft since Kyle Pitts and would fill a massive need for the Chargers right away.

On paper, it looks like a great selection and the Chargers' dream scenario might be to trade down and still snag Bowers, who may naturally fall because of the position he plays. However, that may not happen if Bowers gets to go to his preferred team of choice.

Apparently, Bowers was not very shy about sharing which NFL team he most wants to play for and spoiler alert, it is not the LA Chargers. It is the Tennessee Titans.

Brock Bowers prefers the Titans over the Chargers

Well, this is disheartening to hear for Chargers fans who are excited to see Bowers in powder blue. Granted, Bowers doesn't get to pick where he goes and if he is drafted by the Chargers he will be all-in on helping the Chargers win. But it will always be in the back of fans' mind that he preferred another team.

This totally will come back to bite Bowers if he is drafted by the Chargers and does not live up to expectations. If Bowers is not contributing right away then we all know the fanbase is going to wish that he ended up in Tennessee. Just look at the discourse around Quentin Johnston.

All that being said, the Chargers are still a great destination for any pass-catcher to go and Bowers has shared optimism around potentially playing alongside Justin Herbert. It might not be his preferred choice, but Bowers still sounds pretty excited about potentially being in LA.

It is unclear exactly why the Titans would intrigue Bowers so much. Tennessee has a less prolific head coach, does not have as good of a quarterback, is not geared to win as quickly as the Chargers, and Los Angeles is generally a better place to live in the winter when you are a millionaire athlete.

But hey, everyone has their preferences and for whatever reason, the Titans feel like the best fit for Bowers as a professional. Maybe it is time to hop on the Malik Nabers bandwagon.

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