Most likely teams to draft Bijan Robinson before Chargers are on the clock

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With Austin Ekeler potentially leaving the LA Chargers, many fans are looking to the draft to fill the whole at running back in the offense. The top name on everyone's mind is the overwhelmingly projected no. 1 RB in the draft, Bijan Robinson.

The RB out of Texas has been one of the biggest talks going into the draft and has pundits pretty sure we will not see a repeat of last year where no RB was drafted in the first round.

Many of the Chargers faithful are hopeful that Robinson drops to pick 21 so he can be playing in LA this upcoming season. As great as it would be to get him, there is a roadblock in the way. That roadblock is the first 20 picks of the draft.

Will Robinson fall to #21? Or will someone snatch him up before then? These four teams all have reason and potential to draft Robinson before he can get to the Bolts at 21 in the first round.

Most likely teams to draft Bijan Robinson before Chargers:

Atlanta Falcons, pick 8

The Atlanta Falcons and Bijan Robinson have shown mutual interest in one another. The Atlanta Falcons made an offensive switch in their game plan, becoming a run-heavy offense last season. Atlanta finished as a top-3 team in rushing yards across the league last season and that caught the attention of Robinson. He further commented on his meeting with the team stating how it went great and that he loved the coaching staff and the direction the program was going in.

The Falcons may be interested in Robinson but they do have a young back who has shown promise already in Tyler Allgeier. Allgeier led the team last season rushing for just over 1,000 yards in his rookie year. Some may see that as a reason against them signing the Texas product, but the Falcons may look to strengthen their new game plan further.

Adding Robinson would be a likely upgrade from Allgeier as the head back as well as be a great fit for Robinson as well. Having a talented young back to complement Robinson will avoid the chance of overworking Robinson, something we have seen often in highly touted backs taken early in the draft. Splitting snaps early on will help work Robinson into the team as well as potentially elongate his career.

Although the Falcons have numerous holes to fill in the draft, don't be surprised if we see Robinson come off the board at no. 8 to create one of the most dynamic young backfields in the NFL with Allgeier in the ATL.