3 ruinous moves Chargers must avoid with the 21st overall pick

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1. Refuse to trade back if the opportunity presents itself

Tom Telesco has never traded back since he became general manager of the LA Chargers. Telesco has traded up in the draft before but he has never moved back a few places in order to pick up extra draft capital.

Many Chargers fans are hoping that 2023 could be the first year in which Telesco commits to trading back in the draft to pick up extra capital. If there was ever a year to do so it would be this year in which the draft is mostly serving as an opportunity to add more depth to the roster.

Of course, if someone like Robinson is on the board or there are no teams that want to trade back then there is only so much that the Chargers can do. But if there is the opportunity to do so the Chargers must absolutely take it, even if the return they are getting is not quite in line with what they might want in a perfect world.

Outside of Robinson and some other early-round fallers that likely won't fall, there is not a prospect outside of the top 20 that is worth dropping everything and taking at pick 21. The Chargers can still get just as impactful of a player 7-8 picks later and would benefit greatly from having another selection in the top 75-100 picks.

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There is a reason why so many fans are clamoring for the Chargers to trade back in the 2023 NFL Draft: because it is the smartest thing that the team could do.