Ranking all of the Chargers picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Isaiah Spiller, Zach Calzada
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5. Otito Ogbonnia - Pick 160

Here is where we start getting at the more exciting pick-ups that Tom Telesco made in the draft. Selecting a defensive tackle was a very good move to add some depth to the newly structured defensive line. Definitely a pick that bolsters the run defense, which was lacking tremendously over the past few seasons.

Ogbonnia really impressed all of the Chargers staff when they had their local day in southern California. It was seen during the phone call between Staley and Tito, Staley told him "It happened, bro." Impressing an entire coaching staff is an unbelievable trait to have, and he hopefully will start to impress Charger fans around the country.

With that, the hopes are that Tito can bring a strong presence to the interior defensive line, and have a good ability to rotate and keep guys fresh constantly.

4. Isaiah Spiller - Pick 123

One of the more all-around running backs in this year's draft, Isaiah Spiller went in the fourth round to the Chargers. A very controversial pick as some are uncertain about his ability to translate into the NFL, this pick provides great value. Besides blistering speed, there is not much else that Spiller cannot do. He is an impressive, dedicated runner who Staley believes can instantly be thrown into the running back room and generate success.

Being in Jimbo Fisher's offense is something that Staley alluded to as well when it came to Spiller's potential. Being an all-down back during his time with the Aggies, as well as still being on the younger side (not turning 21 until August), shows that he has lots of experience and is ready to continue to improve his game. In a league where running backs have a shorter life span than most positions, taking one as young as Spiller in the fourth round of the draft provides a lot more upside than not.