Ranking all of the Chargers picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 / David Becker/GettyImages
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As the 2022 NFL Draft has officially ended, and the offseason continues, the Chargers have selected a lot of players that have potential going into their NFL careers. A lot of the picks that Tom Telesco and the Chargers made have incredibly high upside, and as always, there is controversy surrounding some picks.

Throughout the three-day draft starting on April 28th, the LA Chargers made eight selections, all of which are very exciting when you dive into each of their skills. Today, we will go through and rank each of the players that they selected in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Ranking all eight of the LA Chargers 2022 NFL Draft picks:

8. Zander Horvath - Pick 260

When he was drafted, it was confusing to determine the reasoning behind this pick. The analysts at ESPN at the time he was picked portrayed signs of Kyle Juszczyk in terms of his dynamic receiving ability. His abilities to run the ball make him very attractive in an age that does not use the fullback position as much as the NFL used to.

This pick itself raises one question. What is next for Gabe Nabers? A player who currently is the fullback for the Bolts now has competition. Will Horvath beat him out, which could see Nabers moving on from the Chargers, or potentially switching to tight end where he can be used in extra blocking packages.

Either way, this pick was very interesting and could mean nothing with Nabers' future as Purdue's Zander Horvath was taken with the third last pick in the draft, but we will see what transpires this season.