3 most likely positions Chargers will draft on day 2 of 2023 NFL Draft

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If there is one guarantee that you can take to the bank for day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft it is that the Chargers will draft an edge rusher. It could happen in the second round or it could happen in the third round but it does not change the fact that the team will add depth at EDGE.

There are two very important things that determine if a team can contend for a Super Bowl. First, you need an elite quarterback, which the Chargers have. Next, you need a great pass rush that can disrupt other quarterbacks, especially in situations in which you rush four guys.

The Chargers have a great edge-rushing duo in Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack but the room is painfully thin behind those two. Not only that, but the 2023 season is almost definitely going to be Mack's last in Los Angeles, so it is better to draft his replacement now rather than later.

Los Angeles would greatly benefit from drafting someone who can add legitimate depth to the room and give Mack and Bosa a rotation option to lean on. A second-year edge rusher that gets to learn behind two All-Pros for a year is going to be better than a rookie with no NFL experience in 2024, especially if the Chargers are as good as they are hoping and have a late pick in the first round.

The only world in which the Chargers do not take an edge rusher on day two of the draft is if two insanely talented prospects fall to the team that they simply cannot say no to. If that doesn't happen, and they don't take an edge rusher, it will be a massive mistake.