2023 draft picks Chargers already regret making (and who they should’ve picked)

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Draft grades are one of the silliest things we do in the NFL media world. Everyone hands out grades for a draft class hours after it is conducted before the players have even practiced with their new teams. Fanbases hype the draft classes regardless of what happens and if the classes don't pan out it leads to ultimate disappointment. Just ask LA Chargers fans.

Sometimes it takes years for the jury to be out on a draft class. Sometimes it takes just one season. In some instances, fans can tell within a handful of games that the team took the wrong player(s) in the draft and will pay as a result.

That is the situation the Chargers are in. After just five games it has become abundantly clear that there are several draft picks that the team likely already regrets from 2023.

Chargers should have drafted Zay Flowers OR Jordan Addison over Quentin Johnston

Most Chargers fans were and are pounding the table for Zay Flowers, who went one pick later to the Baltimore Ravens. We are on the record here at Bolt Beat as preferring Flowers over Johnston before the selection was made, so that is the obvious choice that the Chargers would probably make in hindsight.

What makes it even worse is that another impactful rookie receiver was drafted two picks after Johnston as well. Jordan Addison has been legitimately good for the Minnesota Vikings. While fans wanted Flowers, Addison seemed like the most likely Chargers selection because of his ties to the current coaching staff.

Alas, the Chargers took a chance on the biggest boom-or-bust WR prospect who fell miles down the draft board from his initial projection and so far he has busted. Johnston has a grand total of 44 receiving yards in five games.

That is not to say that Johnston can't one day be a solid receiver. He still could turn it around. But Flowers and Addison are already solid receivers. They not only would have been better right away for a Chargers team that needs it but now undoubtedly have higher ceilings as well.