Offensive tackles the Chargers could target in each round of the 2022 NFL Draft

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Round 5: Pick 160 - Zachary Thomas - San Diego State

Getting into the later rounds, there are many players that show lots of upside, and San Diego State captain Zachary Thomas is one of the most impressive of the bunch. Another player who has started every game of the last season at left tackle, his 17 starts at right tackle prior, as well as his overall skill, will make his transition back to right tackle easy.

San Diego State is another team like Arizona State, where the offense was primarily run based. This skill is great to have coming into the league, and could help transform the pass-heavy offense of the Chargers into a dynamic offense that already has the firepower to do it all.

Other possible selections at OT: Matt Waletzko - North Dakota

Round 6: Pick 195 - Chris Paul - Tulsa

Nearing the end of the draft, the pool for high upside tackles decreases, but Tulsa's Chris Paul has what it takes to develop into a talented player in this league. In his early college years, Paul played every snap at guard, but transitioned into a tackle in the 2020 season, where the majority of snaps were logged at right tackle.

Another talented run blocker also shows lots of promise in his pass protection. His quickness and ability to assert himself and apply pressure to the pass rusher first give him an edge in some areas. Like most late-round picks, his struggles with picking up a blitz from the outside is something that can be improved, as he will most likely work with the second group and learn from players like Rashawn Slater.

Other possible selections at OT: Cade Mays - Tennessee