Chargers' latest draft workout may reveal team's plan at returner

TIM KIMZEY via Imagn Content Services,

The LA Chargers do not have one pressing need to point to in the 2023 NFL Draft but there are several depth needs that the team will address throughout the process. Exactly how the Bolts address these needs and in what order is what has made this draft process so compelling as a fan.

One of the needs that undoubtedly has to be addressed is at returner. DeAndre Carter signed with the Las Vegas Raiders and the Chargers do not have anyone on the roster to replace him. Add in the fact that the team needs more receiver depth as well and it seems like a no-brainer that at some point, a wideout with potential as a returner will be added.

This could be via a premier talent in the first round, a solid depth receiver in the middle rounds, or even a sleeper in the late rounds. There is a variety of directions for the team to go and the Bolts may have just revealed what direction they are taking by holding a private workout for Gardner-Webb's T.J. Luther.

Chargers may add a returner in the seventh round or via an undrafted free agent

Luther checks a lot of the boxes that the Chargers have historically valued in receiver draft prospects. The Chargers traditionally value some size in their receivers and at six-one and 180 pounds Luther certainly is not on the smaller end and he adds speed as well with a 4.40 40-yard dash.

Luther is a small-school prospect that is starting to get some buzz in the draft process but he still is not someone that is going to be picked any earlier than day three. In fact, there is no guarantee that Luther is picked at all, which gives us real insight into the Chargers' potential plans.

The small-school receiver ranks 374th on the 2023 Consensus NFL Draft Big Board. He is not projected to be drafted being ranked that low but all it takes is one team to love him (like the Chargers) to take him in the seventh round.

Regardless of if it is Luther or another receiver prospect, the Chargers are obviously doing their homework on additions that can be added late in the draft process or after the draft entirely. That does not guarantee this is the route they will take, but there traditionally is a lot of value on special teams late in the draft.

This would also make sense if the Chargers are using a top-100 pick on a receiver for depth purposes. That receiver would be a critical part of the offense while Luther (or whoever it ends up being) could be the cherry on top.

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