Chargers meet with day 3 TE prospect that could be a massive sleeper

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The 2023 NFL Draft is an interesting one for the LA Chargers as there are multiple different avenues the team can take. Los Angeles is not locked into one specific position and might not even be locked into the 21st overall pick as a trade down could occur.

One potential direction the Chargers could take is drafting a tight end early in the 2023 NFL Draft. Kellen Moore's offensive thrives on having two weapons at tight end and this is a deeper-than-usual tight end group.

While there are some very exciting tight ends at the top of the class there are some exciting potential prospects later in the draft. The Chargers reportedly met with one of those exciting prospects recently as the team had an online meeting with Old Dominion's Zack Kuntz.

Zack Kuntz could be an exciting sleeper for the Chargers.

Tight end is arguably one of the best positions to find great talent later in the draft. While the likes of Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski were drafted on day two, there are great examples such as George Kittle and Darren Waller that were drafted on day three.

Comparing Kuntz to Kittle or Waller is a bit too rich but it proves that sleeper tight ends are definitely findable on day three of the draft. If there was ever going to be a tight end prospect on day three that breaks out, it is Kuntz.

Kuntz's athletic profile is extremely exciting. He is long, explosive and has good hands that should instantly make him a threat in the passing game. He may not bring a great blocking presence straight out of college but can instantly make an impact in the passing offense on the right team.

Kuntz falls victim to the fact that he played for Old Dominion and did not have as many eyeballs on him. There is a reality in which Kuntz' path to the NFL is ever-so-slightly changed and he likely would not be someone who is going on day three.

Kuntz originally signed to play with Penn State. He only transferred to Old Dominion when Ricky Rahne became their head coach. He was the coach that closely recruited Kuntz to Penn State and convinced him to follow him to Old Dominion.

He was a highly-touted college prospect coming out of high school as well. Kuntz was the fourth-ranked tight end in the country by 247Sports, ranking higher than Atlanta's Kyle Pitts. Of course, high school rankings don't translate to NFL success, but it proves that this was a highly-touted player who simply found himself at a small school.

Kuntz had a strong 2021 season but only played five games in 2022 after he had season-ending surgery for an undisclosed injury. That obviously raises some red flags but it explains how such an exciting prospect could fall to day three.

Simply meeting with Kuntz does not guarantee that the LA Chargers are going to draft him in the 2023 NFL Draft. But if they do, Chargers fans should be excited.