Why Jordan Davis shouldn't be the Chargers pick at 17

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2. The defensive tackle position is loaded with talent in both free agency and the draft

Expect the rebuild that's about to take place on the defensive line to be similar to the one that took place on the offensive line last season. Telesco outlined during his post-season press conference that changes were looming on the d-line, similar to the way he echoed changes were needed on the o-line last offseason.

After the scathing criticism he gave the offensive line last offseason, Telesco went out and acquired four new starters on the line which included high-priced free agents and high draft picks. If their d-line restructuring is anything like the offensive line went through last off-season, then expect the Chargers to throw big contracts at some of the premium free agents available.

Sebastian Joseph-Day and Akiem Hicks are two of the many top-tier d-lineman projected to hit the market this offseason, and given the fact that both have links to the organization, I'd assume there's a very high chance at least one of these two players are Chargers next season. This draft class has capable d-linemen who should available on days 2 and 3, so stocking the cupboard full of players at the position should be the goal on those days. Being able to supplement d-line starters acquired in free agency with depth pieces and prospects acquired in the draft seems to be the appropriate strategy.

Overall, given the depth that both free agency and the draft possess when it comes to defensive tackles/defensive linemen, reaching to take Davis at #17 would lack value and be the wrong decision.