Chargers draft: 4 greatest 21st overall picks in NFL history

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2. Chandler Jones, 2012

A lot of old-time football fans are going to be very upset at the fact that Chandler Jones ranks higher than Swann on this list. This is not a case of recency bias. When you compare the two players you can see the accolades difference in favor of Jones even though they play two different positions.

Jones four-time Pro Bowler, two-time All-Pro and was named to the NFL's All-2010s team. While he may not have four rings to his name, he still has the honor of winning a Super Bowl during his tenure with the New England Patriots.

Swann had the Super Bowls, sure, but he had fewer All-Pros, fewer Pro Bowls but was also named to the All-Decade team. There was a lot more competition in 2010 than there was in 1970, though, especially at the receiver position.

You could make the case that Jones is on his way to a potential Hall of Fame career. He still needs to produce more in order to earn that distinction but he has definitely put himself on pace to potentially be in the conversation.

Jones has 112 sacks across his 11 seasons in the league. Even if he continues to regress and plays only three more years in the league, he is still going to finish with a relatively high all-time mark. If he can pick up an additional 18 sacks, which definitely is possible, then he will be the 15th player in NFL history to reach 130 sacks.

Only Julius Peppers, Terrell Suggs, Jared Allen, John Abraham and Chargers legend Leslie O'Neal have finished with 130+ sacks and not made the Hall of Fame. The first two of those are likely on their way to being inducted.