Grading every pick the LA Chargers made in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Chargers draft grade for Scott Matlock: C

The Chargers selected defensive lineman Scott Matlock in the sixth round. Matlock isn't someone who is going to have a massively high ceiling in the NFL as he is limited athletically. However, he is technically-sound and that gives him a moderate floor.

It is hard to really go on either extreme with this selection. Matlock could definitely reach his best-case scenario and turn into an A but it would be a bit biased to call it that right now as he projects to be a rotational defensive lineman.

Best-case scenario: Scott Matlock proves to be a three-down interior defensive lineman that can succeed against both the run and the pass. He may never be a Pro Bowler, but a three-day lieman becoming an every-down lineman is solid.

Worst-case scenario: Matlock's athleticism limits him in the NFL and he can never become a consistent member of the defensive line rotation. Doesn't make it through his rookie deal.

Chargers draft grade for Max Duggan: F

The Chargers intentionally only carried five receivers last year because they carried three quarterbacks and it instantly came back to bite them. Despite re-signing Easton Stick, the Bolts decided they still wanted a third quarterback, drafting Max Duggan.

Some argue that "it's just a seventh-round pick, it doesn't matter much" but that is a lazy excuse. The team drafted a quarterback in the same draft where it didn't draft a single tight end, running back or defensive back.

If they like Duggan then great, don't re-sign Stick. It looks likely that the Bolts will carry three QBs again and for what reason? We are not really sure.

Best-case scenario: Max Duggan is a multi-year backup who maybe saves a game or two if Justin Herbert gets hurt.

Worst-case scenario: The Chargers continue carrying three quarterbacks, intentionally leaving another position on the depth chart thin and that position gets exposed depth-wise due to injuries during the season.