The Chargers dream scenario with the 17th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Daxton Hill
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The Chargers pick Daxton Hill with the 38th overall pick

Daxton Hill would be such a sensational fit on this LA Chargers defense that I would not be totally shocked if the team took him with the 17th overall pick. However, this is where the Chargers should be savvy and know that Hill might be available to take with an early first-round pick.

Hill ranks 31st on the consensus big board and safeties do not have as much positional value in the 2022 NFL Draft, so it is absolutely possible that he would be on the board at 38. Heck, the first safety taken in the last two NFL Drafts was taken in the second round and Hill is going to be the second safety behind Kyle Hamilton.

Hill is a versatile safety who would fit Brandon Staley's defense to a tee. Even with the addition of J.C. Jackson, the Chargers will still be looking to add secondary depth, especially with the team not being very high on Michael Davis. While that depth could come via a cornerback, they could also take this route of getting the versatile safety and drafting a corner later in the draft.

The Chargers could essentially use Hill as a corner and the things that they do with him and Derwin James would be incredible. Hill could play in the two-high safety look when Derwin goes into the box or plays in the slot while also being more than capable of playing in nickel and dime when Derwin goes back to being in two-high.

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His athleticism is off the charts and he has the ball skills to match. Staley's defense is all about matchups and stacking the secondary and Hill is exactly the kind of chess piece that Staley wants to add to the secondary. He falls in the draft because he does not have a concrete position but that makes him more valuable, ironically, for the Chargers.