Chargers' 5 biggest draft busts under GM Tom Telesco

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For the most part, LA Chargers general manager Tom Telesco has had a good track record when it comes to early picks in the NFL Draft. It is the later rounds where he has struggled to build out consistent depth for the franchise.

That being said, a late-round pick cannot be considered a bust as the expectations are naturally lower. It is not unheard of for a third-round pick not to pan out, it is just unfortunate how often that seems to happen with Telesco's picks.

Thus, his list of draft busts is not as prominent as some of his biggest naysayers may think. But there certainly are players that he has drafted in his decade with the team that have earned that label.

Biggest Chargers draft busts under Tom Telesco:

5. Manti Te'o, 38th pick in 2013

The second player that Telesco ever drafted with the Chargers was Manti Te'o, the standout Notre Dame linebacker who was in the news for being catfished before catfished was part of our culture's vernacular.

Te'o was by no means horrible during his tenure in San Diego. He was a starting-caliber linebacker for several seasons and was serviceable. Was he worth the 38th overall pick in the draft? Absolutely not. If Telesco didn't save this draft with Keenan Allen in round three then it would have looked really bad.

The Chargers picked Te'o far earlier than most analysts were expecting in this draft and it may have been a case of a new GM looking to make a splashy move. The Bolts were definitely hoping to get much more than they actualy got out of Te'o.