We asked AI who the Chargers should draft (and its just as perplexed as we are)

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm and with it being so hard to predict who the LA Chargers might take in the 2023 NFL Draft, we thought it would be a fun idea to ask the program over at ChatGPT what it thinks.

After all, with how smart these computers are getting they might end up writing these articles, running the football teams, and even playing on the field. And they will be the ones reading this... are we entering the robot revolution? Should I be scared?

Existential crisis aside, it is interesting to see what AI thinks the Chargers should do in the draft. The only problem is that they are just as lost as we are.

AI also cannot pinpoint who the Chargers will draft in the 2023 NFL Draft.

When we asked ChatGPT who it thinks the Chargers could draft in the first round it gave the most run-of-the-mill answer possible without actually giving an answer. AI might be coming for most of our jobs, but for now, it won't make it very far in the sports world. You have to be opinionated, ChatGPT (please don't be, I like my job).

"However, in general, the decision on who to draft in the first round of the NFL Draft can depend on a variety of factors such as team needs, player talent and potential, and overall draft strategy. Teams may choose to prioritize certain positions or skill sets based on their current roster and areas that need improvement. It's possible that closer to the 2023 NFL Draft, experts and analysts will provide more information on potential draft picks for the Los Angeles Chargers based on their specific needs and draft position."

Huh. There are a lot of words there but not a lot is said. ChatGPT did say a very specific thing about the Chargers, so we thought we would prod a little bit. It rightfully says that who the team will draft will be based on needs, player talent and potential, and overall draft strategy.

So why not ask it about the Chargers' potential needs and draft strategy in this year's draft? That is exactly what we did. Here is its response when asked the question about what the team's biggest needs in the 2023 NFL Draft are:

"Based on the Chargers' performance in recent seasons, it's possible that they may have needs in areas such as offensive line, defensive line, or the secondary. Other potential areas of need could include linebacker or wide receiver, depending on the development of their current roster and the specific weaknesses of their team."

Eh, this one kind of misses the boat. For the first time in a decade, the Chargers actually don't have a pressing need on the offensive line. Defensive line is more of a need and Brandon Staley is always looking to add to the secondary.

At least it mentioned linebacker and wide receiver as potential needs, although those needs are much more than just being potential. They are absolutely needs for the team.

We also asked if the Bolts should trade back in the draft and that was also a huge nothing burger. We did not want to stop there. Maybe ChatGPT would provide somewhat of an answer if we asked it what the worst-case scenario for the Bolts would be in the draft.

And it actually did! Granted, it is the most "no duh" response possible, but at least ChatGPT didn't give us a runaround answer that didn't say much. Quite frankly, its description of what the worst-case scenario for the Bolts would be sounds a lot like several Chargers draft classes from recent years.

"The worst-case scenario for the Los Angeles Chargers in the 2023 NFL Draft would be if they fail to address their key needs and do not acquire players who can make a positive impact on their team. This could happen if the players that they target get selected by other teams before they have a chance to draft them, or if the players they do select do not live up to expectations or fit well into their team's system. Another potential worst-case scenario would be if the Chargers trade up in the draft and give up valuable draft assets, but the player they select does not perform well or meet expectations. This could set the team back in terms of building a strong roster for the future. Additionally, injuries or off-the-field issues could also negatively impact the Chargers' draft class and their overall success in the season. Overall, the worst-case scenario for the Chargers in the 2023 NFL Draft would be if they fail to make any significant improvements to their team and struggle to compete in their division and conference."

We agree, ChatGPT. The worst-case scenario for the Chargers would be if the team trades up in the draft and does not land a player that is worth the trade up. It certainly would not be the first time that happened (looking at you, Kenneth Murray).

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