3 Chargers who were downright awful in Week 1 loss to Dolphins

These Chargers had a bad day at the office.
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2. Kenneth Murray

There was a lot of hype surrounding Kenneth Murray coming out of Chargers training camp. Several different veterans were praising Murray during camp and it had fans believing that they were finally going to see a Murray breakout season.

That breakout is going to have to wait (if it happens at all) as Murray was up to his usual tendencies in this game and had a bad showing in this Chargers' defense. Once again, this is a reminder to always take training camp highlights and hype with a grain of salt. Anyone can look good in practice.

The biggest issue with Murray's game is and has been his play recognition. Staley's defensive scheme has a lot of moving parts and it takes the entire defense to be on the same page. If one piece of this defense is out of sync then the entire house of cards is going to collapse.

There were countless instances in which Murray was out of sync. Whether it be biting on play-action passes to aggressively or being late to his zone assignment in the middle of the field, the Dolphins knew that they could comfortably go at Murray in this game. And go at him they did.

This is Murray's last year under contract on his rookie deal and there is another young linebacker in Daiyan Henley knocking on the door. Henley was inactive with an injury for this game but once he returns, he could start stealing real playing time from the 2020 first-round pick.