3 Chargers who are set up perfectly to dominate the Cowboys

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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3. Kenneth Murray

Kenneth Murray has enjoyed a positive fourth season with the Chargers that has been much better than his previous three seasons. It hasn't all been good (Murray played awfully in Week 1) but it has been an improvement over years past.

Fans were expecting a Murray breakout during training camp as the entire team was singing his praises. There has not been enough to call this a breakout quite yet but if Murray can put together a big game on primetime then that conversation will begin.

After watching his quarterback turn the ball over several times, Mike McCarthy is likely going to lean back into the offensive philosophy that he prefers. Dallas will likely turn to the run more in this matchup and look to dominate the time of possession to keep Herbert and Co. off the field.

That naturally opens the door for Murray, who has played the run fairly well thus far in his fourth season. When Murray gets downhill he can be a dangerous playmaker and this is exactly the kind of matchup where he can make his physicality known against a Dallas team that wants to pound the rock.

With the entire football world watching on the grandest stage, Murray may finally have his first true moment in the NFL more than three full years since the Chargers traded up to draft him in the first round. Better late than never, right?