How to watch the Chargers play the Dolphins in Week 1 on NFL Sunday Ticket

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The LA Chargers host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday as the 2023 NFL season officially kicks into full gear. It has been a long eight months for Chargers fans, who are excited to wash the taste away from last season's blown 27-0 lead in the AFC Wild Card Round.

There are not many changes between these two teams as the rosters are fairly similar to last season. If history repeats itself, the Chargers will walk away with a comfortable victory against another AFC playoff contender in Miami.

While the two teams have not changed much, there are some big changes in how to watch the Chargers, especially for out-of-market fans. In-market fans can tune into CBS or watch live on Paramount+. Out-of-market fans need to tune into NFL Sunday Ticket, which has a new home in 2023.

How to watch the Chargers in Week 1 on NFL Sunday Ticket:

NFL Sunday Ticket has moved from DirectTV after being on the platform for 28 years since its inception. NFL Sunday Ticket is now available through YouTube TV, which can be accessed on any smart device, gaming console, or mobile device.

There is no two-year contracts on YouTube TV as users just have to pay for the 2023 season. There are multiple ways to go about getting Sunday Ticket as YouTube is offering more flexibility than users have had in the past.

Chargers fans can purchase just NFL Sunday Ticket for $399. Fans will make four payments of $99.75 a month (which only lasts until September 19, then the price will return to normal). If fans want Sunday Ticket with Redzone, it will be $109.75 a month, or $439 in total.

Fans do not have to buy Sunday Ticket a la carte, though. Chargers fans can also subscribe to YouTube TV, which provides live, in-market TV like a regular cable provider. YouTube TV costs $72.99 a month and users with YouTube TV can get Sunday Ticket for $299 a year instead of $399. Redzone and Sunday Ticket costs $339 a year with an active YouTube TV subscription.

Once purchased, fans just log into their accounts on the appropriate devices and can watch any Sunday NFL game. It is important to note, though, that Sunday Ticket does not include primetime games. So to watch on those major outlets, fans will still need a TV subscription, whether it be traditional cable or YouTubeTV.