3 Chargers who are desperate to perform in Week 2 of preseason vs Saints

These Chargers need to have a great showing in Week 2 of the preseason for one reason or another.
Jun 14, 2022; Costa Mesa, California, USA; Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley (left) and
Jun 14, 2022; Costa Mesa, California, USA; Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley (left) and / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Elijah Dotson

This might come as a surprise as Elijah Dotson was the main story that came away from the Chargers' first preseason game of the year against the Rams. Kellen Moore wanted to give his offense a chance to run downhill and flex its muscles and Dotson was arguably the biggest beneficiary of that.

After a strong game that included two rushing touchdowns, many Chargers fans started to pencil Dotson in to make the roster. That case grew even stronger the following day after the Chargers waived 2021 seventh-round pick Larry Rountree.

Dotson is definitely the RB4 on the depth chart right now, that goes without question. The real question is whether or not the Chargers are going to carry four running backs on the roster. The team did it last year but it also carried only five receivers. With the addition of Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis (as well as John Hightower having a breakout camp), the odds of the Chargers carrying just five receivers is slim to none.

The most likely way for Dotson to make the 53-man roster is if the Chargers committed to having four tailbacks and cut fullback Xander Horvath. Moore's offense does not make use of a fullback, so on paper, it makes sense.

However, that is a big decision to make because of Horvath's blocking in heavy sets as well as his impact on special teams. If Brandon Staley and co. are going to make that decision then Dotson is going to have to really make a strong case for making the roster.

That is why he needs to put together another strong game against the Saints. One good game in the preseason is not enough to make the roster. Dotson is going to need three strong showings, so it must continue on Sunday.