Travis Kelce shares hilarious anecdote about Chargers' Derwin James, body slam

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The LA Chargers are coming off of a brutal loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 in which the Bolts looked like the better football team for 90% of the game but could not execute when it mattered most.

It was a disappointing game all-around for Chargers fans as the team not only lost but Justin Herbert suffered a rib injury as well. That being said, there are still reasons to be optimistic about Herbert and the team moving forward.

There was at least one great moment in the game for Chargers fans. Late in the third quarter, Derwin James picked up a driving Travis Kelce right in front of the goal-line and delivered a WWE-style spine buster that had to make Triple H blush. It was as vicious as a body slam can be in the NFL without it being penalized.

Chargers' Derwin James is still a sweetheart, according to Travis Kelce.

While most NFL players would body slam a superstar like Travis Kelce and likely taunt over them, Derwin James had a different reaction. As the old saying goes, game respects game and James just wanted to make sure that he didn't hurt Kelce with his finishing move.

There is only one player in the league that can match up against Travis Kelce and essentially take him out of the ball game while also being able to body slam him and then ask him if he is okay after. That man is Derwin James.

Just like previous matchups, James's success against Kelce was not limited to the big play the goal-line. For the most part, Kelce was neutralized in this game as he has been before when James is matched up against him. When Kelce did make a big play it was often when James had a different assignment.

Kelce finished with just five catches for 51 yards and no touchdowns, thanks to James. While those are decent numbers for most tight ends, holding the best weapon in the Chiefs offense to five catches and 51 yards is a huge win for Derwin and the defense.

And overall, the defense has looked great for the Chargers thus far this year. Not only can they body slam people, but they have held two high-powered offenses in the Chiefs and Raiders to 39 combined offensive points in two games.

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Now they just have to hit the jugs machine to make sure they can convert some of these should-have-been interceptions.