5 Chargers defensive coordinator candidates to replace Brandon Staley

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Jesse Minter

There is a lot of controversy over the Michigan Football program right now and that may ultimately benefit the Chargers. Jim Harbaugh has been flirting with a return to the NFL for several years know and getting suspended by the Big 10 might be the icing on the cake.

Plus, Harbaugh has been flirting with a jump to the NFL without there really being any great jobs opening up. The Chargers job is probably the best job to come along in quite some time as it includes living in sunny Los Angeles while getting to coach one of the five best quarterbacks in the league.

These kinds of situations don't grow on trees and if Harbaugh was already considering a jump then the Chargers job opening up might be enough to convince him. If he is hired, there is a non-zero chance that he looks to bring some of his Michigan coaches to the league with him.

If so, the most qualified to make the leap to the NFL is Jesse Minter. Minter is currently the defensive coordinator for Michigan and is in his second year with the program. Prior to his tenure with Michigan, Minter helped turn around a Vanderbilt defense in one season and also spent four years in the league under John Harbaugh on the Ravens coaching staff.

Minter has NFL coaching experience, has defensive coordinator experience, and has direct ties to the head coach candidate that most fans want to see hired. If Harbaugh is going to make the leap then Minter might just make the leap with him.