5 Chargers defensive coordinator candidates to replace Brandon Staley

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Ben Bloom

There is a non-zero chance that current offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is promoted if Staley is fired after the season. Even if Moore is not promoted, the new head coach could be someone with ties to Moore (like Dan Quinn) or could be a CEO-type head coach who takes Moore's input into consideration.

Regardless, Moore has more than done his job as offensive coordinator this season and if the Chargers can keep him on the staff they should. Moore also deserves to have input on other hires on the coaching staff, which could give Ben Bloom a great chance of getting his first coordinator job.

Bloom is currently part of one of the best defensive teams in the league in the Cleveland Browns. Bloom coaches arguably the best part of an elite Browns defense as he is the defensive line coach. In his three seasons prior with the Browns, Bloom was the running game coordinator as well as a senior defensive assistant.

The Browns have been great defensively when Bloom has been attached and that is not the only success story he has on his resume. Prior to joining the Browns, Bloom was on the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, hence the connections to Moore.

Bloom was with the Cowboys before Moore was even a player, starting all the way back in 2011 as an assistant linebackers coach. Bloom coached both linebackers and defensive ends amid a myriad of other roles in his time with the Cowboys.