5 Chargers defensive coordinator candidates to replace Brandon Staley

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Chris Hewitt

Like Bullocks, Chris Hewitt is a former NFL player who can bring the fire and intensity to the sideline that this Chargers team so desperately lacks. It has felt like forever since the Chargers have had a fired-up defensive coordinator in the building and hiring a former player could change that.

As far as qualifications go, it is hard to find a candidate that has more qualifications than Hewitt. Like the other candidates to this point, Hewitt does not have experience as a defensive coordinator yet in the league but that time is coming.

If the Chargers are not interested in hiring another retread (which they shouldn't be) then Hewitt will be right up there with the other strong candidates to consider. Hewitt has been with the stout Baltimore Ravens defense for over a decade now and has succeeded in every role he has been given.

Hewitt spent his first eight seasons with the Ravens as the defensive backs coach. In 2020 he was promoted to pass defense coordinator and in 2022 he was promoted again to pass game coordinator and secondary coach.

Under Hewitt's watch, the Ravens rank first in passing touchdowns allowed, first in net yards allowed per passing attempt, and third in total passing yards. Teams are throwing a lot against the Ravens (seventh-most attempts in the league) and they are having very little success.

That is the complete opposite of the mess that has been the Chargers secondary this season. Hewitt can help fix that problem, and who knows, his connection to the Harbaugh family might get him the job if a certain head coach makes the leap and returns to the NFL.