5 Chargers defensive coordinator candidates to replace Brandon Staley

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Daniel Bullocks

It is reasonable for the Chargers to want to hire someone from one of the best defensive staffs in the league. The gold standard for consistently great defense in recent years has been the San Francisco 49ers. If the Chargers go that route, Daniel Bullocks is the name that makes the most sense.

Bullocks is currently the safeties coach for the 49ers and has really done great in that role. Bullocks does not have the experience that some other candidates have but that might intrigue the Chargers, both for the fresh blood element and because of the fact that he would be cheaper than big-name candidates.

The 40-year-old coach has eight years of experience in the NFL and has been on the 49ers staff since 2017. Bullocks has been the safeties coach for the last five seasons and with how that room has grown it is time for him to get a promotion.

There are other candidates on the 49ers staff that may jump off the page more. Defensive line coach Kris Kocurek is probably the most qualified and would be the most exciting but he has outwardly admitted that he does not want to be a defensive coordinator.

With Kocurek off the board, Bullocks becomes an intriguing option for the Chargers if they want to replicate what the 49ers are doing defensively.