3 bold predictions for the LA Chargers defense in 2022

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Joey Bosa
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2. Joey Bosa sets a career-high in sacks, is in the mix for Defensive Player of the Year

Fans are clamoring about a secondary with Derwin James and J.C. Jackson and rightfully so. While James is the quarterback of the defense and Jackson is going to add a much-needed presence in the secondary, the Chargers' best defensive player in 2022 is going to be Joey Bosa.

Bosa has consistently been one of the best edge rushers in the league since coming into the NFL but it still feels like he has not peaked as a player. While he has always had great seasons for the Chargers, he has not had that massive breakout season that puts him in the Defensive Player of the Year mix.

This is that year for Bosa. Despite this being his seventh season already, Bosa is still only 27 years old and should be hitting his athletic peak. Not only that, but Bosa has more help this season than he ever has in his entire career.

That is no slight to Melvin Ingram, who was great alongside Bosa for several years. But Khalil Mack is another animal. While Mack is no longer the prime version of himself, he is still a fantastic edge rusher and is going to have a ripple effect on this defense.

The interior defensive line is also much better than it has been in years past, which will take some of the pressure off of Bosa. The result will be more one-on-ones for Bosa, which will result in more quarterback pressures and more sacks.

Last year fans had to watch teams target Bosa and essentially challenge someone else on the defensive line to get to the quarterback and they never could. Bosa still had a great year. It is much harder to do that this year and Bosa's production is going to reflect that.

Bosa's career-high in sacks is 12.5 and with this new-look defense, the floor for Bosa (as long as he stays healthy) is 15 sacks in 2022.