Chargers day 3 picks: When do Chargers pick next?

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Two days of the 2024 NFL Draft are in the books and after a surprising start that fans were not thrilled with, the LA Chargers rebounded in a great way in the second and third round.

Selecting Joe Alt with the fifth overall pick, and foregoing a receiver, looks much better in hindsight after the team drafted Ladd McConkey in the second round. McConkey may not be an elite franchise WR1 right away but he is a route technician who will naturally catch a lot of passes from Justin Herbert as a rookie.

Then in the third round, the Chargers were able to snag arguably the best defensive player on the board in linebacker Junior Colson. Colson is the first Michigan prospect that will reunite with Jim Harbaugh in LA and he should get a starting role.

There could be more Michigan prospects where that came from on the third day of the 2024 NFL Draft. Day three consists of the most picks and can be where Super Bowls are won and lost. Here is everything you need to know for the Bolts.

When do the Chargers pick next in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Much like the second round, the Chargers will quickly be on the clock to kickstart the third day of the 2024 NFL Draft. Los Angeles has the 105th pick in the draft, which is the fifth pick in the fourth round. Los Angeles probably won't trade up again, but the team will quickly be on the clock as fourth-round picks have less time on the clock.

The Chargers also originally had the 110th pick in the draft so it looked like the Bolts were going to double-up on early fourth-round picks. However, the Chargers traded that pick and moved back as part of the deal to move up and take McConkey.

Full list of Chargers draft picks on day 3 of 2024 NFL Draft:

All said and done, the Chargers have six picks in total across the four rounds on day three of the 2024 NFL Draft. Those picks are as followed:

  • Fourth round - 105th overall
  • Fifth round - 137th overall
  • Fifth round - 140th overall
  • Sixth round - 181st overall
  • Seventh round - 225th overall
  • Seventh round - 253rd overall

The odds of landing impact players that turn into starters get lower as the draft goes on but the Bolts can still land some talented prospects on day three. Los Angeles has already selected three starting-caliber players in the draft, so anything on top of that would be icing on the cake.

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