Chargers day 2 picks: When do the Chargers pick next?

2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The LA Chargers took a surprising left turn by selecting Notre Dame tackle Joe Alt with the fifth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Chargers fans were expecting the Bolts to either take a wide receiver or trade back. The Chargers did neither.

Alt is undoubtedly a good player but he did not address an area of need for the Bolts. Now, it is imperative that the front office nails the rest of the draft in order to bolster the rest of the roster around Alt.

The Chargers' most valuable pick might already be in the books but the Chargers have two more picks on day two of the draft that can change the future of the franchise.

When do the Chargers pick next in the 2024 NFL Draft?

The Chargers hold the 37th overall pick in the draft, which will be the fifth pick on day two of the draft. The Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and Washington Commanders will all pick before the Chargers in the second round.

After that the Chargers have the 69th overall pick. Barring a trade back of some kind to accumulate more draft capital, those will be the only two picks for the Chargers on day two of the draft.

Recent history of Chargers day two picks:

The Chargers have a new regime that is calling the shots and fans are hoping that it can have a better track record on day two than the previous regime had. The last five years' worth of day two picks definitely leave more to be desired.

  • 53rd pick in 2023: Tuli Tuipulotu
  • 85th pick in 2023: Daiyan Henley
  • 79th pick in 2022: JT Woods
  • 47th pick in 2021: Asante Samuel Jr.
  • 77th pick in 2021: Joshua Palmer
  • 97th pick in 2021: Tre' McKitty
  • 60th pick in 2019: Nasir Adderley
  • 91st pick in 2019: Trey Pipkins

The Chargers did not have a single pick on day two of the 2020 NFL Draft after trading both picks to move back into the first round to draft Kenneth Murray. Of everyone on this list, the Chargers landed 3 starters with above-average traits (Tuipulotu, Samuel, Palmer), two serviceable starters (Adderley, PIpkins) and a whole lot of nothing else.

Recent history of 37th pick in NFL Draft:

  • 2023: Derick Hall
  • 2022: Jalen Pitre
  • 2021: Landon Dickerson
  • 2020: Kyle Dugger
  • 2019: Greg Little

There has been some success with the 37th pick as both Landon Dickerson and Kyle Dugger are standouts. Dickerson is a two-time Pro Bowler while Dugger just signed a new lucrative contract with the New England Patriots.

Pitre is a solid, young two-year safety, Hall is still unproven and Greg Little did not amount to anything in the league. If the Chargers can get another Dickerson or Dugger it would be a win.

Recent history of 69th pick in NFL Draft:

  • 2023: Tank Dell
  • 2022: Nicholas Petit-Frere
  • 2021: Joseph Ossai
  • 2020: Damien Lewis
  • 2019: Josh Oliver

The 69th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft was a smashing success as Tank Dell was one of the best rookie receivers in the entire sport. Outside of that, though there is not any huge standouts with the 69th pick.

Damien Lewis is a serviceable starting guard but outside of that, there are not many starting-caliber players. Hopefully, the Chargers can keep the Dell trend going.

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